Use Flexor to transform your textual data into gold-standard tables in your data warehouse.

Create New Tables

Generate entire datasets from your textual data, column by column, to be used in your business intelligence efforts or your next GenAI application.

Add New Columns To Tabels

Enrich existing tabular data with inferred knowledge from your raw text documents. Learn what is each customer’s likelihood to churn based on their emails or explore customer review to know which feature to prioritize first in the roadmap.

Replace Low-quality Aggregation

Stop the guesswork and get concrete conclusions from each and every bit of text you have, instead of relying on samples as a replacement.


What is Flexor?

Flexor is an Unstructured Data Transformation layer, revolutionizing the way companies capitalize on their existing (but untapped) unstructured data sources. With a SQL-first approach, Flexor allows every single data practitioner in your organization to harness the power of LLMs—without extra infrastructure, and without leaving your existing data ecosystem.

What can Flexor do for me?

1. Extract unstructured data from various sources – for building novel product capabilities
2. Transform text into structured data – for BI & Analytics
3. Build embedding & classification pipelines – for RAG
4. Create text-based data pipelines – for automations & Reverse-ETL

How can I get started with Flexor?

Easily! Just book a demo with us to get started. We can usually get you up and running with the layer in 24 hours or less.

Does Flexor integrate with my stack?

Probably. Flexor supports most vector databases, data warehouses and other data infrastructure platforms (like dbt). Take a look at our integrations page to learn more.

Turn Text Into Data

Flexor is the only step of your unstructured data journey.